Welcome To My Lovely New Website And To A Regular Blog

24 February 2017 by Petra Erving

My original website was built back in 2008 by Glenn Drain, who has also put his amazing tech expertise into action once again, to produce this fabulous new website. At the time of compiling the content for the original website, which if I may say so myself, was pretty damn good, I had the expert help of a friend of mine, Rachel Kelly. Rachel had worked in PR and Marketing and one piece of advice I distinctly remember was, to not have too much medical speak in the content. This meant anyone reading the info would easily understand it. And that I should keep sentences short and concise. Something I’ve tried to stick to when writing letters, information for patients and now these blogs. As time has progressed, technology has improved and, with the majority of people now having smart phones and tablets, my website was becoming old fashioned and would soon be obsolete. Can you believe it? 2008 doesn’t seem that long ago, to me. But, nowadays, nothing seems to last longer than a couple of years and, according to Glenn, Google would stop recognising my content and my website would no longer be on page one of a search. I had to become ‘mobile friendly’. So, I started the mammoth task of renewing the content so that Glenn could produce what you see today. In fairness, Glenn has done all the hard work. But, when you’re running a relatively new business, which includes seeing patients every day, doing all the admin that that involves, plus trying to keep on top of marketing – oh, and I have a home and family to consider, extra work like getting photographs done, and writing new content, is an added – dare I say it – headache. Initially I had to agree on a new logo so the new website would then be designed around that. Crikey, that is not an easy process. However, eventually, I decided on what is now on my business cards, letter heads, and on this website. Admittedly, it was more a case of just picking one to get the ball rolling as it was becoming extremely time consuming. And because I hadn’t (or couldn’t) made a decision, it was holding back the commencement of the website being built. This was probably October time and I wanted the website to be live for January. This meant I could push on with marketing and promoting my clinic for the new year. I had no idea that it wouldn’t in fact be live until closer to March. But being a lymphoedema therapist and not an IT or website designer, why would I know how long these things take? I assumed it could be done in a couple of weeks! You live and learn. So, after many a frustrating evening and weekend of putting together the new content, deciding on the right photos and pictures to go on each page, proof reading, then changing some of what I’d originally written, Glenn has produced this fabulous new website. I hope that it will be informative, interesting and ultimately beneficial to those who read it. If there’s anything you’d like to comment on in any of the blogs, or would like to add, please do feel free. I encourage interaction and discussion, particularly if you’ve advise or ideas you’d like to share with others. Let’s make this a platform for patients, therapists and specialists to be informed and to be informative. I hope you enjoy any future blogs.

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