A treatment based on the belief that increasing activity and exercise can help benefit people living with Cancer.


CanRehab was developed by Dr Anna Campbell, MBE. Dr Campbell is an associate professor at Edinburgh University and a consultant for Macmillan Cancer Care. ‘Rest is best’ was the old adage. But, people who stopped being active deteriorated both physically and psychologically. So, Dr Campbell saw a need for an increase in activity and exercise in benefiting people living with Cancer. It is now known that increased levels of activity will increase energy levels, improve mobility, reduce tiredness and improve quality of life. Specialists who complete the CanRehab training learn about Cancer and its treatment and, how it affects patients and how patient life-styles can change.

Specialists attending the course are encouraged to develop guidelines for patients in their levels of activity through assessment and evaluation, while taking into consideration, side-effects to treatment. More info at:

Sam, our CanRehab specialist will do a full assessment and an evaluation of the patient and from that, safely prescribe a personalised exercise program specific to that patient. These programs include movement, circuits (various exercises done one after the other), muscle strengthening and very importantly, relaxation.

We offer these on a one-to-one basis or, patients can join a class. The classes are specific for lymphedema patients and those who have undergone surgery and treatment for Cancer.