Mindfulness for Lymphoedema and Cancer

Mindfulness has been developed to help people manage chronic stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Mindfulness for Lymphoedema and Cancer

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It has roots in ancient Eastern philosophies. Mindfulness has been developed to help people manage chronic stress, anxiety, depression and pain. By regularly practising a combination of mindfulness activities, like self-awareness and self-compassion, meditation, breathing exercises like those done in yoga, (or indeed during your MLD treatment) and movement, it is possible to gain a wider and clearer perspective on your life. To relate to and deal with, challenging situations better.

Mindfulness and mindful self-compassion are beneficial in helping you come to terms with ‘what is’. Regular mindful practice can help you become more accepting and be more comfortable with the things that you cannot change. You will develop skills to manage your emotional-self better. You will become more resilient and courageous, changing your life going forward.

Right now, there is a buzz around mindfulness. Perhaps this has to do with the increase in Yoga practice in the Western world. There are numerous books, courses and on-line resources now available. However, I believe there is nothing better than doing mindfulness with someone – someone who can coach and support you.

Mindfulness for Cancer

When you’ve been diagnosed with, or gone through treatment for Cancer, at the end of all the tests and treatments, everything suddenly stops. It is at this point, many of my cancer patients have said they feel neglected. From the moment of diagnosis, you board a proverbial train. Each stop is a medical appointment. Then, when you get to the end of the journey, you disembark and there’s no-one at the station to meet you. Suddenly, you’re alone. No one else really understands. Family and friends think that’s it. You’re better and life moves on. Which of course it does. However, sometimes you, the person who has been on the journey, feels a bit lost. The thoughts of ‘will it come back?’ often never leave. Mindfulness during this ‘journey’ and afterwards, will be help you come to terms with the journey and what is to follow.

Mindfulness for Lymphoedema

If you have lymphoedema, as a therapist, I can fully appreciate how stressful this must be. The thought of having a condition that currently has no cure and needs life-long management, can be difficult to accept. You may have had your lymphoedema since birth or have had for several years. Or, it may be due to your treatment for Cancer. Mindfulness is the ideal therapy to help you come to terms with the possible anxieties, stress and depression associated with having a life-long condition. It is very common for people with lymphoedema to struggle with their body image causing depression. It can be very difficult to get clothes and shoes to fit and this can be extremely stressful. And, if your lymphoedema is as a consequence of your Cancer treatment, this can add to your anxiety.

I am delighted that Medical Therapies can now offer Mindfulness as one of its services. Tricia Wilkie is a Mindfulness Coach who has travelled extensively throughout Asia and during her travels was introduced to the benefits of meditation, which she incorporated into her daily life. Tricia saw the benefits it made to her life and so she wanted to be able to share her knowledge with others. She has completed level 4 PTTLS teaching certificate and then studied Mindfulness Teaching and has since completed Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training.

Tricia offers the following options

  1. Initial phone call – – this is a casual chat to find out what you want out of Mindfulness. If this is something you’d like to continue with, then you’ll be invited for a one-to-one consultation.
  2. Consultation – This will be a confidential chat to discuss your expectations. You will also have the opportunity to experience some Mindfulness. Then, if you decide Mindfulness is right for you, she will recommend either:

    • 1:1 Coaching – sessions can be booked on an ad-hoc basis.
    • 8-Week Course – this is a comprehensive Mindfulness course which follows two mindful models: Mindful Based Stress Relief and Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy. These sessions are 90 – 120 mins and run weekly for 8 weeks. You will be required to do some home practice. You will receive information and worksheets after each session and guided meditation audios to listen to at home.

      The course is designed in layers – a mix of theoretical and experiential learning. This will give you a good grounding for integrating and maintaining the techniques into your daily life.

For more information in how Mindfulness may help you, please contact Tricia directly on 07776 132083, or email tricia@themindhub.co.uk.
Please mention to Tricia that you’ve read about her and got her details from ‘Medical Therapies Ltd’ website.