The importance of updating your compression

07 August 2019 by Petra Erving

Do you know how important it is to get your compression updated regularly?

Compression Glove

My recommendation has always been to be remeasured for new compression every 4 - 6 months. Not only can your measurements change with the seasons - for instance during hotter weather your small blood vessels dilate which increases the amount of fluid in your tissues, which in turn can increase the size of your limb and so it’s important that your compression will fit comfortably. Quite often, if I’m reviewing and reassessing my patients, measurements will differ quite a lot in Winter and Summer. So, my advice is to think ahead. If you are able to see a private therapist, this is easy. However, it may not be so easy if you’re under an NHS service. The good news is though, that most garments are available on prescription. So, even if you are not regularly seeing a private therapist, you can do so at certain times of the year to get your measurements checked and be ahead of the game when it comes to ordering your compression garments.

Compression tights

Not only can the season affect how your compression fits, but wear and tear will affect the compression levels in the garments. You should have at least 2 pairs of compression so that you can wear one, wash one. And all that washing and wearing takes it’s toll on garments. Imagine if you wore the same jumper every other day for 4 - 6 months? It will most likely completely lose it’s shape, become threadbare and bally, and any elasticity will have virtually gone. In England, depending on where you live, the NHS will only supply 1 - 2 garments every 6 months. Personally speaking, I don’t think this is enough. So, if you have the opportunity of topping up the number of your compression garments by visiting a private therapist, then I would strongly encourage you to do so.

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